Hog Hunting with Guns

One hog any size per 24 hour hunt period is include with your hog hunt, regardless of weapon used (e.g.rifle, pistol, shotgun, bow or crossbow).  Size or cutter length does not matter, they all count as one. No Trophy Fees Ever!

​We do offer a rifle rental and includes one 25-06 and a box of shells for only $25/day.

* Please note that ONLY Fixed Blade broadheads are allowed when archery hunting.

  • One day hunt  (24 hours) for one hog  of any size is  $350 per person  which  includes lodging for one night  for the hunter! This is not a guaranteed kill, but we will guarantee you that you will see plenty of hogs within shooting range of your Bow or Rifle!
  • Two day hunt for  two hogs, with  two nights lodging for the hunter is only  $600 per person.  Stay two days, hunt two hogs, save a hundred bucks! 
  • Hog Hunting with Dogs, Handler and Knife is only $450. This is a guaranteed hunt! ​

* When Hog Hunting with Dogs our goal is anything over 150 pounds so you could be in for a treat if we get a smaller hog we catch and let go to continue our pursuit. 

* If you need to arrive the night before your scheduled Hog Hunt, or stay an additional night after your scheduled 24 hour hunt, a  second night is only $25  per person for lodging!

    * Prices do not include a tip for your Hog Hunting Guide or processor, which are customary for a successful hunt and very much appreciated.

    Processing of Your Harvested Hog
    Bring a big ice chests as we offer quartering and full processing of your hogs on site!

    • To gut/field dress, skin and quarter up to 250 pounds is $45 per hog
    • To gut/field dress, skin and quarter from 251-400 pounds is $60 per hog
    • To gut/field dress, skin and quarter over 401 pounds is $85 per hog

    Full processing of your hog which is professionally wrapped and placed into our freezer in preparation for transport.

    • To gut/field dress, skin and processing up to 250 pounds is $85per hog
    • To gut/field dress, skin and processing from 251-400 pounds is $135 per hog
    • To gut/field dress, skin and processing over 401 pounds is $185 per hog

    Full Processing includes the following;

    • Grinding for sausage
    • Ribs
    • Front shoulders
    • Inside Tenderloins
    • Loins/Back-Straps
    • Hams
    • Any way you want it!​
    Processing Your Trophy Wild Hog
    Arkansas Hog Hunting

    Hog Hunting Packages

    The Bunkhouse
    The bunkhouse is built within the 9,000 square foot barn. We have bunk bed lodging available! No need to bring sheets, blankets or pillows. We can sleep up to 13 hunters at a time, complete with a kitchen that has a refrigerator, microwave, crock pot, George Forman grill, and a gas BBQ grill outside next to a fireplace. The fireplace is a great spot to gather around after your hunt and swap stories! Also available is a very nice bathroom with shower, adjacent to the bunkhouse. 

    The barn (which is heated & cooled) also has a 9,000 sq ft indoor archery range, which is available for you to check your sights to make sure your arrows are hitting where they're supposed to hit!  We can also provide you with an area to check your rifle sights!

    Be prepared to shoot in low light conditions. A lighted sight pin and Lumenocks are recommended for archers, as hogs can be very nocturnal at times, especially when pushed around by daytime hunters! A nice light mounted on your stabilizer comes in handy too! Hog Hunting at Night is very popular. This is when the largest of hogs come out and are not generally spooked by flashlight beams at night, we recommend only using a red or green LED style light.

    How to Schedule Your Hog Hunting Trip

    Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch requires a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your dates. Please call (870) 299-0467 to schedule your hunting dates and confirm availability. Upon arrival, the remaining balance is to be paid in CASH.  If your plans change, your deposit will apply to any date you can come if available within 6 months of your originally scheduled Hog Hunting Trip date. 

    Deposits can be sent to Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch at the following home address by check or money order. If you use a Credit Card, a 3.8% fee will be charged. 

    George Dixon
    1408 Columbia Rd.36  
    Magnolia Ar. 71753
    Our Hog Hunting Ranch is located at;  
    1621 Columbia Rd. 36, Magnolia, AR  71753 


    George Dixon
    My Cell # is 870-299-0467 call or text!

    Call either one of the following numbers when you are close to the ranch!
    My son (George) cell 870-299-0467
    My Grandson (George) cell 870-299-0154

     Hog Hunting Choctaw  from a "Hunter's Point of View"

    Hog Hunting lodge

    ​Single Day Hog Hunts include overnight lodging and any Hog on our property starting at only $350/person.

    Hog Hunting Strategies

    Ranked as one of the Top Arkansas Trophy Hog Hunting Destinations in 2016 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

    The Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch is located in Southwest Arkansas, just 45 minutes from Texarkana and 2.5 hours from Little Rock. We make it easy and let the hunter choose what to shoot at a flat rate. The biggest hog we have ever harvested here at Choctaw was 675 pounds but our most common size is between 150-200 pounds. Our Hog Hunting Ranch is 300 acres of flat Pine Timber and 13 feeders all enclosed behind 4.5 miles of 8', high strength tinsel game fence!  The hogs at the Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch are very wary. They have the senses of a big whitetail and won't stick around if you make the wrong move! 

    We offer Hog Hunting 7 days a week!

    Our day is considered a 24 hour period from when you first go out to hunt. It is never a rush so when you arrive you can unpack, gear up, and review the particulars and rules and your 24 hours of adventure is ready to start. As soon as you go out to hunt, your 24 hour period starts. This really opens up your options because we hunt day and night so don't be concerned so much as to when you arrive. If you end your hunt late in the day, just stay another night and relax, you can for only $25 per person. Based on availability. 

    Arkansas Hog Hunting at Choctaw

    Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch was started in 2009 and is a family owned and operated business. With myself George (4th) and my father George (3rd) guiding and taking care of all of your needs.

    A single day hog hunting trip starts really anytime you would like and runs for 24 hours and includes overnight lodging and one hog. A two day hunt allows you two hogs and runs for 48 hours from the time you would like to begin and you can harvest any two hogs within that time period.

    We start by taking you out to your stand on our Polaris Ranger crew. We cater to Hog Hunters with disabilities as well! Non hunting companions are welcome for a nominal fee of $45 dollars a day; they can sit in a stand with you, film your Hog Hunt, just take pictures of the hogs coming into the feeders or perhaps the nice whitetail deer that may walk by.
    If you do not want to hunt from a blind, we encourage you to go out and walk the trails or through the woods and stalk the hogs! The mornings are best for spot and stalk style hunting. For your convenience we have buddy stands, tripod stands, box stands and ground blinds. Shots to the feeders are about 20 yards though some spots you can shoot a couple hundred yards. Our Hog Hunting Ranch is flat and easy to navigate.  All hunters please be sure to
    If your guest does not want to join you on your Hog Hunt, they are welcome to go fishing on one of our lakes, on a catch and release basis. I have two heavily stocked bass/catfish lakes, along with lots of bream/perch or crappie for the kids.

    Please Note; During your Hog Hunting Trip, you will see many whitetail deer, as we have approximately 60 mature deer on our farm. These deer are NOT targets! 

    After Your Harvest
    After harvesting your hog, you can either hang around the barn and visit or chill on one of our several couches and watch TV/movies. We have a big screen TV that's hooked up to satellite. We also have wireless internet in the barn/bunkhouse for your use. Or, you can go into town, go shopping or out to eat. There are several nice eateries within a few miles of the ranch. When you come back we'll endeavor to have your hog processed and ready to go! 
    If you would like to harvest another hog we'll take you back out to get another trophy hog at a reduced price (only $250). Your hunt, your way! 

     We also have a large walk-in cooler, and 3 freezers to store your game until you're ready to load up your ice chest. 

    Arkansas Hog Hunting

    No Trophy Fees EVER!

    Hog Hunting Packages
    Hog Hunting Lodge
    Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch in Arkansas

    ​​If you want to process your own hog, you're welcome to use our walk-in cooler, freezers, and winch for a $25 facility charge. Processing your hog can take between 2 to 4 hours.

    There is a $25 disposal fee on unwanted hogs.

    If you shoot a hog and we are unable to find it, that hog will count against your limit. This policy helps eliminate indiscriminate shots. However, we will do everything in our power to find your hog. You will see we go the extra mile to make your Arkansas Hog Hunting successful! Your guide is always in charge, the hunt ends when we feel we have exhausted all resources in the attempt to recover  your hog.

    Hog Hunting Gear List

    Arkansas Hog Hunting Ranch Reviews

    We hope to see you at Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch for your next Hog Hunting Trip.

    Arkansas Hog Hunting
    Arkansas Hog Hunting lodge
    Hog Hunting in Arkansas

    "I honestly never thought I would do the high fence thing but a couple of months back a few friends and I had the overwhelming desire to go somewhere and hunt something. We were faced with several unfortunate problems: a.) not much in season in May; b.) not much time available to be away and c.) short on funds.
    I saw some posts here on AT about Choctaw Hunting Ranch down in Arkansas and gave George Dixon a call. Ultimately, we scheduled a two day hunt, weekend before last.
    I learned several things on this trip:
    1.) Hunting behind a high fence is much more sporting than I ever gave it credit for before.
    2.) Hogs are much smarter and meaner than I gave them credit for
    3.) Hunting them at nite is fun
    4.) Hunting them with dogs is even more fun and highly exhilirating!!!
    5.) George and his family work their butts off to get you a pig.
    6.) You can actually fish for pigs....but that is another story...call George and ask him about it

    Bottomline, if you are looking for a quick get away hunt for a few days I would HIGHLY recommend Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch in Magnolia, Ark. The price is right and I can't imagine anyone not finding it to be great fun.

    Granted, this is not a wilderness elk hunt but George isn't trying to make it one. Regardless my expectaions were far exceeded by my experience.

    Also, if you go to Choctaw take your bow even if you plan to gun hunt. George has forgotten more about the finer points of archery shooting than most people ever learn. Hit him up for a lesson while you are there, that alone is worth the price of the hunt."

    Aaron Curtis

    Your favorite gun or bow, ammo, water, food, mosquito and tick spray, camo, scent spray, fixed blade broadheads for bows, mud boots and flashlights. A good Hog Hunting Light in green or red is also recommended if you will be hunting at night.

    Hog Hunting in Arkansas

    No Trophy Hog Hunting Fees